Genres & Worlds

Gene writes science fiction, fantasy, and mystery. Sometimes all at once.
Most of Gene’s science fiction has been published in Tales of the Tai-Pan Universe, which is a shared science fiction universe (or a writers/artists cooperative) employing anthropomorphic tropes. His contributions to the Tai-Pan universe have ranged from hard science, to sci-fi mystery, to sci-fi adventure, to sci-fi romantic comedy.
Gene’s fantasy has been divided between fairy tales, Christmas ghost stories, and the world of Sealth City. The Sealth City setting is an anthropomorphic spin on epic fantasy conventions, delivered in light fantasy wrapper.


One of Gene's short stories and an essay about alternate worlds are included in the anthology Furry! The World’s Best Anthropomorphic Fiction (reprinted from Best in Show by Sofawolf Press).
A collection of Gene's fantasy and fable short stories will be available soon: Double Deal and Other Enchanted Tales.
Gene's novel, The Trickster Apocalypse, will be available soon.

Short Fiction

Gene’s short stories have been published in several publications, including Tales of the Tai-Pan Universe and North American Fur.
Some of his fiction is available for free on this site: